August 25, 2005

I'll be your friend

Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic, rocks my world. There, Gil. It has been said. Out loud. Here's the thing--I interviewed Gil for an article I'm writing for -- you guessed it, I'm plugging it again -- Global PR Blog Week, happenin' in September.

All of the CEOs I talked to for the articles are brilliant. Gil nearly made my head explode. You know when you're talking to someone who gets the possibilities of what's possible and some of what's not--or at least you didn't think so until you are done talking to them and then you're ready to sign on the dotted line, any dotted line? That's what talking to Gil's like.

It's only after I talked to Gil that I started to snoop around to find out more about his business and Internet chops--I had seen Dave talk about him, but I'm still like, who is this guy? I mean, besides what I'd already gleaned from reading his blog occasionally.

That's when I figured out, OH, he's this Gil!

And this Gil!

And this one

And this one, too.

And maybe even this one?

Well, you can read what he says on CEOs and blogging once the article's up.

You can bet I'll let you know.