October 10, 2005

D.W. Really Does Rule.

As a side project, I'm writing an article on D.W., Arthur's little sister, and as a result I got the chance to talk to the inspiration for D.W. -- Marc Brown's sister, Kim Brown. (No, her name isn't Dora Winifred like you might expect).

Kim is a neat lady and was great to talk to. She travels around the country giving presentations in schools and working with kids on writing and illustrating. She helps bring the Aurthur and D.W. stories to life. Her courses look like fun. But the funniest part of this whole thing has been Jenna's obsession with this little project. DADDY, MOMMY GETS TO WRITE AN ARTICLE ON D.W.!

She nearly fainted when I told her D.W. would be calling today.

As it turns out it was just the right remedy for Jenna's stomach flu. Kim took the time to talk to Jenna on the phone--I saw Jenna's cheeks turn bright red as she mumbled out some niceties. It might as well have been Jessie McCartney himself on the other end of the line.

The great news is, she hasn't thrown up since. Thanks Kim!

p.s., I'll put a link up when the story is finally online.

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