October 11, 2005

even regular people

Even regular people--that is to say not just fundamental christians--are talking about Revelations and how can you not what with plagues and quakes and floods and Bush.

Even my friend who's a Methodist, and you know they're pretty liberal when it comes to open doors, open hearts, open mouths-singing type religion, even she says the Methodists are talking about it. I don't know much about denominations aside from Catholicism, inside of which I once kind of functioned but do not now, but I know when the Methodists start talking about Revelations, well that's big news down here in the South. Mostly they're busy in pantries and food kitchens or taking soup around to sick neighbors.

So I said to my friend, you think? and she's like yah I think, and I'll tell you she's a church going Methodist on Sundays but the rest of the week she can lay down some good times--ANYWAY, she was like yep, I think. And I was like, I kind of think so too, to which we both agreed it would be nice to see the Lord return, us on our cell phones agreeing on the second coming, and then she said except for the sin part which has her a little worried, what with some of her weekday behaviors, and she wondered if she might be stuck here while her kids went on to heaven, at which point she said, well, hell, I'm glad they'll get in anyway.

I had to agree with her not only because she's from Mississippi, but also because she has the most wonderful 14-month old baby and she's turning 45. That doesn't happen every day. And then she said of course you don't have to worry if you hang with the non-denoms that believe you're saved by Grace, which is kind of what I'm thinking and so I'm nodding my head on my cell phone.

My coffee swisshed on the dashboard, and if there is one really bad habit I have that I won't have after the rapture it's keeping a ceramic mug full of hot coffee on my dashboard.

We agreed there is something to be said for the non-denominational worship-and-praise Christians compared to the sin-and-hell focused doctrines, especially with the end so near. I told her I very much enjoy the singing and again, she agreed, because the Methodist hymns sound only slightly more optimistic than the Baptists'.

And that's how regular people are talking about prophesies.

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