October 04, 2005

Getting Ready for Web 1.0

A Trip Down Memorabilia Lane

[Picture Above] WINDOWS on Healthcare - A short lived piece of propoganda -- errr, I mean a publication -- on MS Windows use in Healthcare. Remnants of it are here. An equally defunct DBMS boasts yet another article ghost written by yours truly. DBMS is now Intelligent Enterprise. My how the times change! It's a good thing my portfolio doesn't!

[Pictured Above] Impact Innovations Circa 1998 when Medaphis spun them off -- I bet even the Impact Innovations of today doesn't have these brochures over at their place. Note the high-priced commission artwork. You weren't anyone without commissioned artwork in 1998. People like me, we know these things.

[Pictured Above] Dude, this was data warehousing 1998, before data warehousing was cool! See that article on Delivery Chain Management? Dude, I wrote that!

[Pictured Above] Delta Air Lines, in better days. This was the 2002 model plane that was handed out in a PR frenzy after the delta.com launch and before the Olympics. Okay, I know it's the TAIL end of Web 1.0, but high-value PR shlock counts extra, whatever the era. (Damn, still no bids on ebay.)

What Web 1.0 conference would be complete without the cult classic that launched a thousand trains. Dust it off and read it again. Some things are timeless. Because after all:

Markets are conversations.
No they're not.
Yes they are.
No they're not.
Yes they are.
Are too.
Are not.
Stupid geek.
Marketing wank.
You better shut up.
Make me.
No, you make me.
Ooooo good comeback.
Go play with your voice mail.
Go page someone.

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