October 11, 2005

its like that

sometimes when you've lost a lot of things in your lifetime, say starting early before your mind is really developed, you get this instinct thing that says a loss is a-coming. sometimes it takes you by surprise still, and really, most of the time it still surprises you, but when you get one of those feeling-so-low-stomach-crunch-cramp-wrenching instincts that loss is on the way, well, you have to know you're right.

How do you know:

the air is thick and falls from the sky in layers.

you hear the rubber souls on the bottom of your shoes separating from the pavement when you walk.

children appear from nowhere.

the jiggle of the bulbs in light sockets drives you mad.

when you vacuum the wood floors you can't believe it sounds so much like A Love Supreme.

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