October 10, 2005

Moi? Naw.

Frank takes the opportunity to blame it all on me, when really it's mostly his fault. Most everything is Frank's fault. He's the guy who goes out and interviews all of these nobodies-turned-somebodies right in the middle of whatever severe and traumatic life change led them to this blog place in the first place -- because no healthy person, especially in 2001 would take the opportunity to out themselves as an idiot in front of four other people. Then once Frank interviews you, you realize everything you said was a lie to yourself and then your life transforms itself YET AGAIN through a BRAND NEW set of trauma and upheaval, during which you plug away posting these words because by then it's a sort of turret's thing.

And so THAT? ALL OF THAT? It's Frank's fault.

And thank you for taking me back to my favorite blog on earth, Mr. Sandhill.

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