October 11, 2005

Technorati's Sprung a Leak?

My inbound link are dropping like flies.

If I keep losing links via Technorati, pretty soon I'll be sunk and you'll have to send an exploration crew to dig me off the floor of the blog sea.

Thing is, I KNOW my link love is still abundant because most of my link love is a two way street, baby. So HOW is it I fell from around 400 to 300-something (yes, I know, I know: there was an enhancement that counts SITES linking versus POSTS linking) a week or so ago, only to fall again down to 222. That was a great TV show back in the day, but it's not representative of my link numbers.

And while I'm admitting that I give a shit about links -- a rare moment -- how is it that site meter fails to show my my linking referrers that I know are sending me traffic. Like the day Doc and David and Five Other Really Important Bloggers linked to me in referencing my CEO's and Blogging article, yet site meter showed zero folks coming here from those sites. I'm so pissed I think it's time to trade in the old site meter for something newer.

Now, you and I can say it's piddly, this link business, and on any given Wednesday I'll be leading that charge, but it's not so simple anymore, because recent history (really recent) has shown that a lot of money is at stake in the blog tool space. And that should somehow be relative to quality and happy customers. In fact, I've given both of these companies my hard earned cash in the past. So, I might say, I have a vested interest. In fact, I'm a goddam stakeholder.

So tell me straight up... what gives?

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