October 11, 2005

A word about school

so after our two hurricane days a week or so back thanks to the wisdom of our Leader And Redneck Sonny Perdue, not the chicken man, but could have been, we now friday off from school because teachers need to prepare for conference week -- can my clients understand if i tell them i need a day off to get ready to work? not -- okay -- so -- then next week we have what they like to call early-release days all week so that teachers can make parents drag their sorry asses in at the most convenient hour of between 1 - 3 p.m. to look at papers they've already seen at home. Early-Release days mean kids actually arrive home before you take them, and with Jenna's two sick days from throwing up, plus friday off, plus a week of early-relesae days next week, I'm pretty sure we just time warped back to first grade.

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