October 04, 2005


An email went around recently among some friends posing a philosophical--if not practical--dilemma, ending with the question, What Would Weinberger Do--WWWD? We laughed and chortled at using David as some kind of barometer of right decision making. Because after all, that's usually AKMA's job.

(Rim shot).

Well to answer the question, WWWD? -- HE DID IT.
This isn't a matter of quotas. It's not about math. It's about power. It's about men strengthening bonds that have real consequences. The perfect gender homogeneity of this meeting is inadvertent but it's inexcusable. We have to get to the point where this is prima facie shameful and unacceptable. We have to get to the point where this is just plain embarrassing.

I might modify it further to point out these gatherings are often of 'white American business men,' not just any men. But I don't want to take away from this beautiful passage coming from someone who is as sought after a speaker as David.

I always hate when I stop paying attention to blogging just long enough for something tremendous to happen.

A belated thank you, David.

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