November 14, 2005

Can Google Kill the SEO Industry

Well, it helped build the industry, so sure. If it wants to. Because when Google moves there are a thousand rippling counter moves. And I can already hear the shirt sleves rolling up.

It's not in Google's best interest to kill the entire SEO industry. It is in their best interest to take aim at a piece.

Personally, I would like to see the SEO companies go through Conversation Sensitivity Training before they pretend to know how to Make You More Visible online. Not because I think it would do any good. But because it would be fun to watch.

Now, I've had to learn to write search-optimized copy because it's my business to know how. I'm STILL not good at it because it's like writing my way into a shoebox, and if I wanted to write my way into a shoebox, then that shoebox better contain some really super comfortable and nice looking black pumps, not your average bla-blahdy-blah tissue paper and one right shoe.

SEO is a low-return-for-the-investment activity. A year of looking at it hasn't changed my mind. It comes down to two different ways to spend your money:

You can figure out how to join or support conversation, or you can pay companies to help you circumvent and avoid the conversation. It's that simple. There are no wrong answers. But each approach comes with a pricetag. Guess which one is higher. Guess which model is more sustainable.

Ding Ding--YOU WIN!

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Booksville Bookclub said...

Hi Jeanne:
I go through the same challenges of writing to optimize a website. It doesn't involve good writing, it involves good SEO-ing, and as a writer and editor I feel a real conflict over it. What most companies looking to optimize for search engines miss is that if they even did the basics -- like having a unique page title and description for each page -- they could immediately improve their positioning. Adding more of the keywords from their titles and descriptions into their copy would improve it even more. Most websites don't do any of that!
Alan Eggleston and