November 16, 2005


I talked to RB today about a new business model that's been brewing in my head (the last 20 minutes). I'll call it a distribution methodology, and I shall name and brand it here and now as my own: FleshBook(SM).

Under the FleshBook(SM) brand, we will write our stories upon flesh -- all of us. We will move in numbers, tatoo words not pictures, string ourselves together to make meaning.

Words are what I see on flesh, I am a walking chapter, I read myself and you, I read myself in you. I paint stories in blood.

What's your genre? What font family? Mine is a deep, dark typeface that screams.

I am busy now writing stories upon my flesh.

I write them with my fingers. I cut and paste, I peel layers.

What word for my little finger, then? Secret.

Some choose to encrypt themselves.

Reading them requires a decoder. It is necessary--it is worth any price.

Story consumers must pay a lifetime's worth of a living wage for a decoder to read an encrypted teller's story.

The ending is everything.

Mothers, make stories of your children.

Tellers are seers. Their flesh is hairless and smooth.

We will write books upon the beautiful people and send them out into the world to carry our message.

We will write poetry books on the injured, the wounded.

Talk to me.


Frank said...

I will go into the plug-in end of the business, crafting cunning add-ons for all the major orifices. You be amazed at my decoder sphincter, tagging will be a breeze with my tongue piercing appliance.

Jeneane Sessum said...

For you, Paynter, a branding iron!

DeanLand said...

If we write on our flesh, will some of our words end up being, er, wishy-washy . . .and then fading away?


Jeneane Sessum said...

NO WE CARVE. Scars don't wash away. Look at my heart.

michaelo said...

I know you don't do TV - me neither - but you should go rent this movie

Or at least read about it. On reflection, don't bother watching it. The movie was bollocks.

Draughtsman's Contract was the best thing Pete Greenaway did - after that he turned into a bit of a wanker. Films that are very lovely to look at (when they're not being gratuitously horrible), but are complete drivel otherwise.

Oh, and I get shades of Ray Bradbury from this post too. Which is cool. Formative stuff, for me - reading "The Illustrated Man" at, what, 8 or something?


twf said...

I think the guys at CommGroup over on P'Tree might have hit on this first. I dunno. You'll have to look for yourself. I should have blogged this, it's really funny, but kind of a pain to find. Go to and click on the "work" link at the bottom. Scroll all the way to the right until you see the little video with the platinum-blonde, um, person. Click. Watch. Laugh. You'll get it.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Have I told you about my condition? ;-)