November 14, 2005

Song and Dance and The Color Purple

With George Sessum a founding orchestra member of The Color Purple, which first hit the stage in a five-week pre-broadway shakedown here in Atlanta, I've been following the show's journey to broadway from the sidelines. This I know: it was an intense schedule and experience for the cast and crew who first brought The Color Purple to the stage at its World Premiere at the Alliance. And since that time, the Broadway-bound company has spent a year improving and refining the show.

With Oprah signed on as a co-producer now, I'm sure that no expense will be spared to ensure the show has a long, successful run.

It was fun to see the original cast members I'd met do their thing on Oprah last week. Hope to get to NY to see the end result.

Standing O for all involved.

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Jessica said...

Jeneane - as a huge drama/theater person (as long as I don't have to sing and dance, that is) this is GREAT news to me! So cool that George has been involved!!!

tiffanybbrown said...

I loved the book, and I (mostly) loved the Atlanta production of the musical as well. "The Color Purple," isn't exactly light-weight fiction, but somehow, they managed to make it work in a musical form, with an appropriate balance of lightheartedness and sobriety, while keeping it true to the story. I'm going to try my best to see it when I'm in New York over the holidays.