December 05, 2005

What you really like

Is when you announce something really cool on your blog, and then your blogging service goes down for the rest of the day. Nice. Really. Thanks, blogger.


Phil Ringnalda said...

In a sort of vaguely approximate way, I'm impressed that you can still stand to use Blogger. I do remember that absolutely helpless "it's broken, and there's nothing I can do about it, and nobody who has to fix it for me, I haven't got even the tiniest shred of control over the situation, or even my platform to bitch, because they are that" feeling, but I only remember it in an internet-years way, with the same disbelief that I used to put up with that and that I used to wear tight slacks and slinky shirts with too many buttons open like that would somehow turn me into John Travolta (the young one and cool at the time one, not the current rather creepy and far too Elronnish one)... um. Where was I going? Oh, yeah: if you pay someone for it, then you get to bitch at them about their performance. And the same thing goes for web hosts, too.

Anonymous said...

But I DO pay--or at least I did -- to the tune of the MAX service for blogsisters and allied on blogspot--which means/meant the most MG on servers, all kinds of stuff.

Why does everyone think blogger's free? George has the free one and so does jenna. What that USED to mean was that they couldn't upload images and they were stuck w/ ads on unless you paid the $12 a year to get rid of them. But now I guess everyone gets to upload pics on the free service, the reason being that I just signed in as george and sure enough there was the little image upload icon.

This is way more than you ever wanted to know. Kinda like John Travolta shirts.... ;-)

I'll say, I'm playing around with a couple blogging tools for different clients, and blogger's still my favorite. Although I don't push clients to it for these very reasons. NOW, if I could go back and NOT host it on blogspot, but on my own domain, I would. I just don't wanna move from my home address of 4 years.

or something

Shelley said...

I wanted to say CONGRATS on the new gig. Good pic (hee) on their part.

But it's time to move you off blogger...