January 24, 2006

both ends of the line

AAAAH I know. I haven't been blogging fuckall. Well at least you did that. Did you pay your estimated taxes? oh good. don't bite the hand that screws you--ha ha! So how's that project going? Only a week left? YAY! How are the kids? oh good--she's a hoot. Yes I know, that bug is going around here too. Did what? Well that sounds like the grossest thing I've heard in two weeks. NO! She did? GET OUT! Who with? HIM? Man, what won't she do. No he didn't tell me about that one. They did? On the backchannel? Doh! Right. IM this! Yah, I know. It's just that I'm used to getting a lot done and it's been slow going because I've been helping some folks out. Right. Oh SURE, t-i-m-e o-f-f ? what planet are u from? ha ha ha. Yah really. No, not only that, but because he always says those things. Right--what does he expect, open arms? Because why exactly--oh right, we should kneel before him and give thanks for his inovaaaashuns. puhlease. cry me a river of millions of dollars. please? YOUR DOG? No! I didn't know. When did that happen? I'm so sorry. What was it? Oh that happened to my best friend's dog. No, really. You could have spend thousands and ended up with the same result. Oh that's so sad. I bet. Damn. Well look if you want to cheer up, there's a frigging PLAY of Get Your War On in Austin. How fucking funny is THAT? A play of a cartoon. I KNOW! Okay, well me too. DEFINITELY--call me later. Okay. I'll talk to you soon. YOU TOO!  -click-
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