January 25, 2006

Clicking My Own Ad

It's been a while since the Antique Roadshow Ad went up on my sidebar, and today I clicked it and saw that you can enter a contest to have Antique Roadshow make a house call to check out your valuables. Now that's cool. I used to watch the show a lot. I'd marvel at what kind of effort it must have taken to bring in great-great-grandma's old dining room suit or bronze life-size statue of a buffalo. Not something you can load into the family minivan.

I read about a therapist recently who is making house calls. What a good idea for folks who sometimes have issues with getting one foot out the front door.

My old pediatrician used to make house calls. I still remember his visits; my mom would put out the best hand towels and special new soaps. It was an occasion when he came, and his coming made me feel instantly cured.

When it was time, my sister had her 16-year-old dog put to sleep on her living room floor, in the spot he'd relaxed in for years, by a vet who made house calls. My aunt uses that same vet 20 years later to care for her cat.

Something to be said for house calls.



Anonymous said...


Stop right now!

You're going to invite someone you don't know at all, who just happens to know the name of a TV show and can place an internet ad, into your home and show them (where) all your valuables are??

Sounds kinda gullible to me :-(

I don't want to read a post about burglary in a couple of weeks, they might even be hamster-nappers!

Jeneane Sessum said...

You're assuming I have valuables!

And that they haven't seen George!

okay, you're right.