January 25, 2006


BubbleShare's still doing cool things, even though you don't see me posting every fifteen minutes about how much fun we're having. You know. Because I'm being shy and sly--hipster sly--tickling the fun out of you against your better judgment, don't you see.

Let me just say this about that, cryptically speaking: Get your digital camera ready and your memory cards emptied and your microphone in front of your face because something nifty's coming your way.... and it wouldn't be fair if I told you yet, because Albert The Swamped hasn't said I can, so shhhh. ....soon.....fun. yucks. not exactly blonde jokes. but still. you know. more. soon.

In the mean time, just know that I Love BS. And if you haven't used www.bubbleshare.com to email photos to your aunt in Michigan, would you give it a try please? Not for me, but for your Aunt Betsy. It's so cold there this time of year. How some pictures of little Bethany warm auntie's heart!

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