January 27, 2006

just wanted to sneak in before midnight to announce...

the hamster cages are cleaned.

did I mention that Blue, the beta that "santa" brought died last week?

Yes, let's explain THAT one. ("Well, it was probably a rough trip.") And we don't even really DO santa. That'll teach us.

Pets, they come and they go around here.

George has become a beta expert, with way too much knowledge about the water levels and rock composition. New tools include a turkey baster, salt, filtered water in a Brita pitcher, and one beta in one little beta holder to enjoy the attention: Speedy.

On the canine front, Bando's been shaved and doesn't stink AS much. He escapes every day now. George puts up a plank, bando digs or pounces or jumps. George lays chicken wire, Bando finds a new hole. It's endless. I bought the dog a glow-in-the-dark collar so at least when he gets out at night, he'll hopefully avoid being run over.

And to think I used to be a member of Peta. (Shut up. It was 15 years ago.)

meanwhile, as you were.

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