January 24, 2006

Meet Father Doctor Matt K.

A family friend, Father Matt, is taking to the blogworld with a little help from yours truly. He could use advice, experience, some warm hands to help him along, to give an "awe, it's not so hard; you're gonna love it!"

Father Matt's a therapist, a Catholic priest, a talkative and brilliant man who has been writing online for years without knowing that he was actually sort of blogging.

He has had someone maintaining his professional site but can't afford to continue to add to it as he'd like to.

He is also a gifted photographer -- these are all scans of real-live photos he has taken over the years. He says he has 100 more ready to go online but he has been at a loss with what to do with them.

Basically he is ALL hub, no network.

So I said, Father Matt, you gotta BLOG, man! (and yes, I told him about flickr and BubbleShare too.) This is the cheapest, easiest, and best way for you to have control over your stuff, when it goes up, how it goes up, how it looks, etc.

I think I've about got him hooked

Father Matt doesn't own a digital camera yet, but he's hoping to sell the china a parishioner left him and buy a digital camera so he can join the online revolution.

This is the coolest thing about Web 2.0: Some ordinary folks who weren't really savvy about computers the last time we rushed headlong onto the net -- the AOL folks, the "email-only" folks, the dial-upers -- now know enough about the Internet to believe that maybe they really can get online and run their own sites. Maybe their words and thoughts and creations have a place online.

And maybe it won't cost thousands of dollars--just a pocket full of passion.


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