January 26, 2006

Tomorrow is Hamster Cleaning Day

Tomorrow I get to enjoy the hour-long process that is hamster cage cleaning. Joy. I've put it off so long that I'm embarrassed for anyone to walk into the house. Honestly, the entire downstairs smells like pee-soaked hamster shavings. George likes to attribute the stench to a leaky water bottle. He will generally find an explanation for things that doesn't have an immediate solution. I think that's a guy thing.
I know better. The horrible smell that IS our living room is due to a combination of not having changed the cages in three weeks and the new brand of shavings we used. Ironically, George selected the new shavings specially because they have some sort of "ordor eliminating" enhanced feature. In hindsight, I think that means these special shavings remove any pleasant odors from your home.
Fortunately, my friend's neighbor is a woodworker. His garage is full of wood shavings from his lathe. And sure, if you're a hamster enthusiast, you may want to warn me not to use just any shavings since some woods are harmful to the little buggers. But I assure you, these shavings are certified FREE from a reputable garage. And as for removing dust, George has developed a process for shaking out the sawdust that is a marvel to behold. It involves 1 rake, 1 wheelbarrow, an old window screen and acouple of garbage bags. BADABOOM, we're in the shavings business.
The last time we used wood chips from the woodworker's house, our living room smelled fresh, like a newly-constructed home. I felt warm and tingly when I'd go look at the hamsters, amazed by their cuteness.
Now I avoid the living room altogether.
And that's what I want back. My house. My shavings. Call it aromatherapy. Call it urinalysis. Call it whatever. I can't take this stench another day.
Three cages. Three water bottles. Lots of hamster piss. What do you have planned for Friday?
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