January 24, 2006


I don't want to sound like some whiny a-lister or anything, like those guys who start boo-hooing because so many people are contacting them and how are they supposed to speak to the masses if they're busy answering emails from plebians like us -- because i'm only a c-lister (cripes you'd think blog age would count for something) -- but jeesh i've been swamped with requests from folks to help them start blogs. So I'm helping them for fun and profit. Mostly fun. And listen, I want to know, speaking of c-listers, how Frank got to be a B-lister -- how do you move over a column already, because shelley and frank and ponzi are all over on the B-list and I'm getting kinda perturbed.
I request a full accounting of the criteria and methodology used for selection to each list, or in kind, I'll take a bump to the left.
I care. So shoot me.
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AKMA said...

I vote yes on the “promote Jeneane at least one letter” campaign.

Of course, from way back in the punctuation-mark list (last time I checked, I was on the ampersand-list, though I’m drifting downward toward the equal-sign list) my vote won’t help you much. Maybe Halley can throw her new CEO authority around.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm... I see there's no Z list so I'll never make it on to that page (whew - saved by my mediocrity LOL)