May 30, 2006

Forever Young

I can't imagine being able to bend into that position, but on something that's m-o-v-i-n-g? forgetaboutit! Look at Mike Golby though--doing us 40-something's proud. RESPECT major, man.

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Troy Worman said...


Mike Golby said...

And at a mere 44, you tag yourself 'menopause'? Shame on you, Jeneane. I've always kinda regarded you as my blogsister, but though I know it to be the case, didn't think of you as being so young. I'd call you my kid sister, but your writing's always been way too sexy for that. Middle-aged men will be hitting on you left, right and center and George will have his hands full for many years to come. I dunno; we'll have to work something out...elope or something (with George and Jenna, of course). Menopause...sheesh! Snap out of it, Sessum. You're at least as young as you were four-to-five years' ago. Locke, Weinberger and Searls promised us immortality, and we're here to collect. Rock on, sister. And all birthday wishes to Euan, who remains...well, about as old as I remember him way back then.

Jeneane Sessum said...

HAHAHA! you're a hoot, Mike. George, come over here and tell Mike if you are accepting his proposal that the sessums elope with the golbys. yah, that's family 2.OH! alright.

Thank goodness the blogosphere is full of geminis. it takes two to know two.