May 30, 2006

Oh My Homogeny

This continues to blow my mind--share your OPML? share your jism in the net's latest circle jerk is more like it. Let's review the first dozen in the top 100....

1. dave winer's best guy friend
2. geekfest playground
3. dave winer's second best guy friend.
4. wealthiest netco in the world run by guys blog.
5. conglomerate blog of gadgets written by guys
6. digg
7. joel
8. mostly cory doctrow
9. dave winer's biggest enemy, himself
10. what?
11. they still publish wired?
12. an aggregator, how meta.
and so on and so on.

A prize for the person who identifies the first blog/feed written by a woman, and only a woman.

Why does it all look the same as everything we've seen before? Because sharing your OPML has nothing to do with sharing as in "evening things out."  it's an old boss/new boss kinda thing, ya see....

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Ken said...

Sharing, in the web sense, is a lot like the US Constitution - written by and for a bunch of rich white males. And while I'm am a white male, I'll never be rich. I aspire to middle class myself.

I have no use for OPML. First off, we all know OPM stands for Other People's Money. Danny DeVito taught that lesson right? OPML is all about Other People's Mofuckin List'O'Shit. I don't need their second hand shit. I got enough bad shit and bad mojo goin already.

OPML feels like a tool for syndicating spam easier. Fuck that!

McD said...


Yes... the "Share Your OPML" directory is skewed towards RSS geeks... go figure.

The only way to fix that would be to start another directory that gets input from another user base... assuming that those users could be guide through the world of aggregators and OPML files. Dave's going to attend blogher and I'm sure he'll offer to create a site for that audience.

The issue I have with the site is that it doesn't return the data in OPML... yet. Dave's writng about "investing" in the site with more programming talent... if he's serious about the concept of "investing" then I'd like to see his instance moved to off the .org domain.

FYI: When you download the OPML Editor and install Dave's newRiver aggregator you get Arrington's, Scoble's and Dave's blogs as defaults... when you export the OPML and upload it to "Share Your OPML" they each get another reader in their stats.

Same as it ever was... gaming the stats. Arrington reviewed the site twice... he loves the site in the second review and thinks it could really help the "long tail". FYI: He's not Dave' best buddy... He's the lawyer that brokered the $2.15M deal to sell Dave's struggling
"blog ping service" to Verisign. The site that fell over the last time Dave
asked for the possee to support him.

OPML will get widely implemented... there's nothing emerging to stop it from becoming a feature of the next wave of blogging. Think Kubler-Ross and ask programmer's to build you a directory that solves the problems you see. Lead your people into the light.

Or just rant... you're incredibly good at exposing the agenda of the "man behind the curtain". That also serves a purpose... it will inspire someone to see the opportutinty that you represent... you speak for an untapped community w.r.t. OPML.

Denise said...

Wait, do I win?

Bonus points for both i.d.'ing the gal, and being her as well??

(Or do I just get sent to some unpleasant form of rehab?)

Swear I hadn't seen your post before I "shared." Note it's the feed from iTunes, my podcast aggregator (85 subs and counting). (I still don't use an aggregator to read/follow blogs.)