May 29, 2006

Walkin with Golby

More glimpses into Mike's world as he picks up the photo slack in Shelley's absence. In fact, he's posted 400 photos across 10 blog entries using BubbleShare, which I think earns him some special lapel pin. GO MIKE! I'm viewing now. It is amazing to see your world up close and personal. How wonderous. How truly amazing.

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Mike Golby said...

'Tis, eh. Wondrous. Sometimes, I just sit back, smile, and remember the good old days when we found all these new toys...

We're recidivists, Jeneane. Completely hopeless and incurable. I blame Locke. He blames Father Christopher. And He casts dark looks RageBoy's way.

There'll always be new toys, but better still, you'll always find the old gang playing with them. It's what we do and who we are. And, damn, in its own way, it's as much fun as it ever was.

Give my love to Jenna and George. And, yes, I didn't respond to BabyBlogger's recent post only because it was too cute and literate. I was convinced Mom wrote it. If it was Jenna, I really missed out because she certainly has her mother's sparkle and charm.

I kid or flatter you not...

Jeneane Sessum said...

No it was her. She's almost 9 now. I know, I can't believe it. She dictated--I can still type (a little) faster than her.

we're old, dude. but you, you can still ride on those little wheels. damn!