June 02, 2006

bird burning

Shelley I miss you.

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Melinda Casino said...

Yeah, second that. Pulled all my hair out last week. Now I'm in a state of unnatural calm. :D ;)

Melinda Casino said...

P.S. - What's that Einstein's Lock thing all about? Little physicist internet joke?

Anonymous said...

Jeneane, thank you for missing me. I miss all of you, too. The interaction.

Melinda, I'm going to be statically generating the pages soon, and wanted to put in links for future sites. Thought I would put in place holder pages. Still doing the placeholder pages, so some of the links are showing directories.

I will say I've learned a lot from being off a month. Some of it necessary, some of it less than fun.

But I miss you ladies.


ARJ said...

Roger that, Jeneane.