June 30, 2006

blogerhood... blogra nosta?

Elaine tugs at my Sicilian heart with this idea.

The good thing is that memory is inherent on the Internet. And bloggers, as the net's superusers, have the longest memories of all. Archives. Google. The Wayback Machine. Word of Mouth. Hypermemory.

We have our own loosely joined thesmokinggun.com's, decentralized but connected through relationships and hyperlinks.

Our memories are co-owned here. There is redundancy in what we know now, and what we keep an eye on tomorrow, the day after, and the next day. I count on that. To me, the brotherhood/sisterhood part of blogging is one of its most endearing qualities.

Unlike some, I don't just write here. I have family here.

Don't ever underestimate the power of the online Family.

To Elaine's idea, I wonder if there are retired lawyers who could educate and even provide services to women and men online through online skype sessions, webcasts, or referrals to local lawyers, or standard contracts, or whatever. I wouldn't think a practicing lawyer would be able to ethically spearhead such a venture. But I would bet somewhere there is someone who has the key to Elaine's idea.

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