July 15, 2006

1 hour left for comment moderatin at Richard Edelman's Blog

Well, there's one hour left before the 24-hour mark promised by Richard at his blog when you submit a comment, which I did for the first time yesterday. I'm definitely not "anonymous." I'm questioning, not "abusive," and I'm pretty sure I'm not a spammer like my friend jon (it's a joke). So what's taking so long?

The comment I left, luckily I saved it, and posted here. I've never not had a moderated comment accepted on a blog in almost 6 years of doing this, except or BLOchman, whom I have seen runs a tightly controlled, positive-spin from Important People comment policy. I've been nice and she doesn't let my comments through. I believe that's because she thinks that I "Am Well Liked in the Blogosphere." That bothers some folks. I wonder why?

Want to know the funniest part? Richard did come here and comment on my comment that was supposed to appear on his blog. So obviously, he thought it worth a reply.

Is it good enough for my readers and not his? What?

What does that make all of you?

Maybe he'll let my comment through in the next hour.

You just never know.

(fingers crossed)

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