July 20, 2006

Am I Going to Make It to BlogHer or Not?

For an entire year I've been excited about going to BlogHer. Thanks to Qumana's sponsorship, we've got tickets, hotel reservation, and even two new duffle bags with wheels ready and waiting for the journey. My friend Phyllis is ready to take next Monday off to hang out with us before we fly home. I can't think of another thing this exciting in my routine world--at least not since Austin.  George Kelley's even on call for airport transport if we need it. Thank you George!

The homefront is secure with Papa George staying to battle the dogs. Did I mention that they have already dug under the new fence? That they were found yesterday in the NEIGHBOR'S INGROUND POOL, having found their way under one fence and through another, and during said exercise in canine vandalism, they ripped the pool's liner, or so I was told by the angry young women who brought them back, happy and soaked.

That's after chicken wire, after bottles of cayanne pepper, after the favorite hole's been filled with concrete.  Nice, huh?

But that's not the problem. None of that is more than an expensive (very??) nuisance that can be solved through the pet adoption agency of our choice.

I'm sort of kidding.

The problem is my health, this pain, the uterus, the hernia, and the bleeding. Quite frankly that's the problem. Being a woman in her mid-40s with gynecological problems that have affected the quality of my life for so long, that nearly cost me my life 8 years ago, is the problem. The broken toe doesn't help. The (maybe) hernia doesn't help. But the uterus, she's the problem.

Ironic, isn't it. The event I want so badly to go to, a part of the country I've never been to, an opportunity to meet so many women and men I've never met, and its my womanhood that's putting me on shaky ground.

Two more doctor's appointments to go. One tomorrow and one Monday. I'll make the go or no-go decision Tuesday. At which time I'll decide to cry or pack all day Wednesday.

No matter what happens on my home front, the conference is going to be awesome and I'll get my fingers involved somehow.

I want to say again, here, that I'm proud to be part of such a great group of talented and caring women--artists, writers, mothers, CEOs, musicians, marketeers, sisters, advocates, activists, leaders and supporters--the women of BlogHer.

Let's kick ass.

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