July 10, 2006

Got the ol' ultrasound today

Disclaimer: None of what follows is true. What I write here is fiction and may in no way be taken, at any time now or in the future, as evidence of a pre-existing condition for insurance, medical, or any other purpose. It's just one big lie.

So, Doc (not that Doc) did the ultrasound today for the pain I've been having in the lower right abdomen. I've got a cyst on my left ovary, no biggie; a bothersome fibroid (been there, still there) near some nether-region portion even I have better taste than to name here; and most likely a hernia. Wee!

I have to call and schedule an appointment for next week to find out for sure about that. Yes it's unusual for women to get hernias, but there is a hereditary link (grandmother, aunt), and, to be quite honest, I've been ripped from seam to seam abdominally by previous surgeries that have left me a bit, uh, compromised. The extra weight doesn't help either, although Grandma D. (who lived to be 93) was fit as a fiddle. Also stubborn and Sicilian, and worked physically harder than any women I've ever known. Except for her feet, knees and hernia, I don't remember any other maladies in all of those years. She was really something special too.

Hey it could be worse. Believe me, I know that. And the good news is I got some pain meds I've never even heard of (and i know my RXs). Starts with a D and it's not darvocet.

Anyway, it's off to make an appointment with two different docs to see if they can narrow it down to what's kicking my ass every other day in the pain department. But the possibility of a hysterectomy and hernia repair simultaneously is not out of the question at this point across the bridge of life. I guess I keep coming to this road for a reason - maybe it's time for me to head on down.

Thanks for listening. It's all good. Nothing to see here. I'll be fine. Thank you. I'm glad I quit smoking.

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