July 09, 2006

margaret's linked out

AKMA's wonderful better half Margaret thinks resumes should start with blurbs from people who know you--so the reviewer of the C.V. "gets" us before they get to the more laborious parts of our experience, education, and so on.

In keeping with the re-socializing of business through the Internet, I think she's onto something big. As more of wind up as cogs in the wheels of social networks (both formal and loosely joined) online, we are defining ourselves through our associations. Many (most?) times these associations have a professional layer.

As in, Michael O'Connor Clarke is my online bro, and he's also a colleague, and we're also in Second Life together, as well as a couple of other social this-and-thats. He's also be a natural "blurb"er for my resume.

Another idea is that social networks will eventually replace resumes, even for folks who don't live so much online. Job hunting for my profession has changed 300-percent thanks to the online company I keep--the task itself has gone away because I am so "findable" online.

The legacy of MySpace and LiveJournal on the soon-to-enter-the-workplace generation will be telling. In the meantime, Margaret, I'd love to blurb you. ;-)

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