July 04, 2006


Shelley is back with a new home, or, well, quite a few of them, and some great spanking new posts and thoughts, plus a really cool--oooooo i'm so excited I can't stand it. WEEE!

What we lost with Shelley's silence was one of the most balls-to-the-wall honest voices online. I like the "Just Shelley" title of her blog because of the double entendre -- it's just shelley, and shelley is passionate about justice. Equality, the overlooked cause or perspective, visibility for those whose voice's haven't made it past the decibel level of the MOST noisy online--these are topics that have drawn me to Shelley's writing since Al Gore invented the internets.

But I've always wondered: How does she do it? How does she craft such eloquent posts on such difficult topics and at the same time churn out books and some of the most stunning photography I've ever seen? In this, her inaugural post, as Just Shelley, Shelley tells all--including what really went on behind closed doors at burningbird.net:

Curabitur vitae ante et orci tristique facilisis. Duis condimentum malesuada nibh. Nunc felis ipsum, semper ut, hendrerit ac, blandit sit amet, lectus. Duis fermentum pharetra enim. Duis pellentesque metus id ante.

YES! I knew it!

Alright, so maybe she doesn't tell everything. The truth is that Shelley is a multi-faceted woman, which you should know by now, and I'm glad to hear she is going to be posting whatever she calls her online essays (shh, don't tell her she's blogging), and bring more of her photography online too.

Back to photos. Eventually, most of them, as well as my ’softer’ writing—stories, reflections, and so on—will go on to The Book of Colors site I’ve longed to put together. First, though, I have to figure out a format for the site, and how best to display both photos and stores. This has not been easy, as I’m having the devil of a time with site design. I’m tired of the same old looks, the centered pages, the conservative colors.

As if you can’t tell with my cockeyed, off-center look and sharp, pure colors. I must warn you, I’m in a mood for color. Bold vivid color. Odd shapes. Contrast. Rule breaking. It may get a little intense at times. Maybe even a little disconcerting. Perhaps I’ll design a special set of ‘rain mist’ glasses for my good friends to wear when viewing the sites.

Oh, I'm ready. HELL YES, I'm ready.

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