July 19, 2006

The sign of the road angel

There are times I have prayed, Lord give me a sign on which way to go, which path to take, what step to make next. Sometimes the answer comes. Never through physical manifestations, like a lamp falling off a table, or a hawk swooping down and crapping on the hood of my car, which quite honestly is what I'm looking for.

No, my signs come in subtler ways, a nudge, a tug, an opening where there wasn't one. The spiritual-but-not-religious types might call this -- what, I don't know, my chakra calling or something?

Sometimes no answer comes. Which is an answer: "You figure this one out. That's why I gave you a brain and a heart. I'm here if you fall."

The events of the last two weeks have had me laughing out loud as a series of mishaps have aligned themselves in such a way that they must mean something besides bum luck. Only problem is that I don't think I have a question--all signs, no question. WTF?

After I broke my toe yesterday, or was it the day before--which preceded the bleeding thing but was after the pain thing, and was the same day as I slipped on the stairs--came the flat tire on I-75, and when I say ON I-75, I mean in 8 great lanes of semi-truck-flowing traffic.

I'll tell you, my sphincter never felt livelier than when I opened the car door on the shoulder of I-75 south with those 18 wheelers blowing my hair back. Holy!

The only sign I needed at that point was the AAA sign on my window.

I signed up for Triple-A a month ago and have already used it twice. Once, I locked my keys in. And this time, right front tire flat as a pancake. They ought to call it Triple Angel, because these trucks appear magically within 20 minutes of dialing the number, and they fix everything and make it all better. You don't sign anything. You don't do anything. You just watch them fix your car and wave when they drive away. Then you watch Jenna clap.

It's the best $79 a year I've ever spent.

Note: They're not a client. I have no financial interest in this company. The point is, they saved my ass.

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