July 08, 2006

sophie eats light bulbs

so that cute puppy we took in is still cute, bigger, doing better, happy, and the only odd thing so far is her proclivity to eat light bulbs, no matter how far out of reach we store them.

they are now stored way way out of the way because yesterday george called me on the cell to tell me that Sophie was eating glass again, and that he heard glass break downstairs, and that when he ran down to see what happened, Sophie was standing there with the metal piece of the light bulb sticking out of her mouth, the bulb smashed and the filament sticking out. She had made quick work of three other lightbulbs too. What a mess. And she was none to happy to hand over her crunch toy, although apparently, after giving her a big bowl of food to hopefully guide any glass shards out of her system, he sent her out to play with Bando.

How she managed not to slice her tongue, I don't know. This is her second round with light bulbs. I guess we'll know in a day or two if it will be her last.

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