July 01, 2006

that stylefeeder thang

all of my friends and readers, have you heard the news? it's widgetmania 2.0...

Shhh, look at that. Over there on the sidebar ---->

over there--------------------------------->

That's StyleFeeder... see my style, love my style, feed my style--yum!

Last one to buy the monkey thing is a rotten egg. okay chimp. but i like to call him, "monkey."

what kind of monkey goes: "Ah-ahhhhhhh!"

Shhhh! don't say it out loud. leave it on the comments.

Top 10 Sources just acquired StyleFeeder. I got to help announce it. How cool is that?

I like to work. If I make money, then one day I can get my monkey thing.

do you have a monkey thing? animatronics. wooohoooo!

do you have StyleFeeder on your blog?

you should.

do like the monkey says: Eee-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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