July 19, 2006

What Music on MySpace?

THIS music on myspace!

I have had the honor of being asked, engaged, sponsored, and encouraged to get my head wrapped around some very cool products and services this year -- and while I'm wearing my "consultant-user mashup hat" I get to do what we users like to call 'play with' these tools. I'm no Om, but hey, who is? (HI OM!). Anyhow, I get by.

I love figuring out what's cool about Web 2.0. Getting inside the technology and finding out what there is to love about what it lets us do. WHAT about ordinary code designed just-so can make us more HUMAN. And in connecting us, in creating wider and tighter ties among people, technology can tap the human heart.

Look, that's my husband's face in there.


Anyone who's stopped by here in the last 34 years knows that I'm smitten by technology that helps me make meaning of the world. Qumana, BubbleShare, Flickr, Orkut, YouTube, Kaneva, MySpace, Second Life, you name it. All of these wonderful worlds of the web help me add layers of understanding both to my online relationships and offline relationships. And I've got the archives to prove it.

With StyleFeeder being brandy-new, the way I like 'em, I'm having fun finding new ways to merge it into my already-social spheres, like MySpace, and to let IT open new social spheres for ME.

That's because I get asked all the time WHY I love MySpace.

People ask me: WTF do you like about MySpace. It's for TEENAGERS.

I say, WTF do you mean--do you spend any time there? It's for artists, musicians, poets, models, videographers, old people like me and teenagers too.

They say, MUSIC? What music?

I say, My Friends' music!

and NOW I can show them!

Wait til you see my favorite BOOKS. Heh.

There's more to come too--oooo you betcha. In the mean time, get yourself your own stylefeed (or two). They look sweet on blogs don't they?

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