July 08, 2006

Without Qumana, I probably wouldn't be blogging

It's been hard to blog lately. Let's just say life is either passing so quickly I can't capture what I want to write about before it's gone. And, the other part, whole days go by without inspiration. I don't like that. Usually I can find meaning somewhere, but so many things are so big that even 'new media' can't contain them. The small things, the noticing of beauty or heartbreak, those things don't seem to fit here either these days.

So what does that leave me? With a quick observation here. A fast hello there. A youtube or kaneva video clip here. A flickr or bubbleshare photo there. And for more experimentation, I've got my newest photo-tag funland, StyleFeeder over there on the sidebar.

I blog with Qumana, and thank goodness I do, because with the effort it takes for me to form my thoughts these days, I wouldn't be blogging without Qumana. It saves me five steps per post, and those five steps are daunting enough in my tiresome state that they are the differene between writing online and not. Thanks again, Q.

How to talk about this stuf? Why? How much do you want to hear? Are you still there? Who are you? Why do we do this? What do you care about? What would you die for? How do we stay alive here? Meg didn't make it. I have more questions than answers lately.

Blogging is too many answers and not enough questions.

The air doesn't stay quiet long enough for questions to surface.

We make meaning from one another's questions.

I need to shut up more so that I can hear the quiet voices.

I need to quiet my own voice again.

I don't always have something to say.

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