August 12, 2006

i can't tell you how bad i want to smoke 2 yrs latr

i just can't tell you how badly i want to smoke. i want to smoke ooooooo mmmmmm so badly. i want to smoke like i never smoked. i want to light up and draw one, slow, long drag up into my eye lids, back into my temples. i want to feel warm in my heart, i want to pull it deep inside, i want to sigh the biggest sigh i ever sighed, the head rush of the century, i want to tip tip tip the stem and watch the ashes fall, embers, lit tip steaming, swirling. Night air. Crisp thinking. I want to SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE. i want the weather to cool down, pre-cold september days, welcoming the sunshine, lean back in the lawn chair or float in the pool alone so as not to offend a soul and smoke smoke smoke. i want a book and a cigarette. i want my health and my smokes. i want escape and to not let my kid down. i want my clarity back and i want my lungs too. you mean to tell me we can't figure out how to make that happen yet? Science--Pshaw!!

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