August 06, 2006


Sometimes when I have way too much to do and I get all spaced out and confused, I hurt myself. Not purposely--I just become accident prone. As is such with my broken toe that is STILL mangled and killing me. And as is such today with my ear, because of a story I will share with you.

After the shower I clean out my ears gently with Q-Tips, just to get the water out, and because my hair is longish I wrap it in a towel, right, you with me? So there I am with the Towel Wrapped Hair and the Q-Tip in my left ear when all of a sudden the Towel Wrap unfurls itself and falls off to the left, knocking my arm that's holding the Q-Tip INTO my ear and jabbing the Q-Tip into my ear drum with such a force and shock of pain that my knees buckled. HELP ME MOTHER OF MERCY! OWWWWWWCH!!

I mean that Q-Tip was down my ear canal before the pain receptors in my lame brain understood the severity of the situation and yanked it out, leaving me helplessly wounded. I was blinded from the towel flopping into my face, half bent over from the nausea, and deaf from the stabbing pain across the left side of my head. I couldn't even tell George what happened for a minute or two because anything beyond a whisper reinvigorated the stabbing pain in my ear.

Tonight, the pain has settled down to a throb.

The moral of the story: Don't Wash.

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