December 06, 2006

Twitter for the Rest of Us

I enjoy twittering. I really do. I think the people I follow are swell. I really do. I'm already sick of hearing my own mediocrity, though. Trying to make meaning of life in snippets when so many are living non-fiction horror stories every instant of every day. How do we capture more than the surface in a ubiquitous IM setting where dozens of lines of chatter are crossing continuously. And if we don't try to capture more, are we cheapening how we relate to each other? I dunno. Just thinking. Of other twitters. Outside of the Valley.

deciding whether to bounce a check for groceries or medicines.

pawning grandmother's jewelry

feeding the kids Motrin for breakfast so their fever won't show up at daycare until I get off work.

scanning for the softest impact spot in case my bad brakes fail.

rent or food? rent or food?

walking the back roads. not for exercise.

taking back birthday presents.

turning the heat down to 62. happy to have heat.

diabetes. self insured. panicked.

looking for enough money to get the gas to get to work.

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