February 05, 2007

If My Purpose Isn't Higher, Then It's........

Tara Hunt falls prey to the Oprahization Movement, already in progress across Western Civilization.

Chris tries to take Tara to school, something he doesn't waste a lot of breath doing these days, rightly so. Instead of actually groking the links and facts-- never mind actually reading (the kids these days, they don't want to know), Tara tries to reason that even Hitler had a higher purpose.

Sphincter says wha? Define 'higher' kay?

You see, taking the time to learn, slows down posting.

And in the world of web 2.o, posting trumps everything. Even if it's a matter of say, eugenics, genocide, or other annoying topics that take us away from our net-naval-gazing and other important E commerce activities.

Oprahization Rule Number 1: when lofty concepts are threatened with facts, scream foul and claim higher purpose is a personal thing.

Oprahization Rule Number 2: Say, Good Point, now take it somewhere else. And watch your language.

Oprahization Rule Number 3: Have other clueless people reinforce rules number 1 and 2.

(p.s.: I got E. Commerce once from raw meat--I had to take Flagyl.)

ALL OF THIS is far less important than the fact that one of my favorite internet personalities is about to be abducted by aliens (see photo exhibit a)!!