November 19, 2007

Best Tagline for Web App Gives Something Back

I always mean to write this post, but I never seem to get a chance. So here goes:

The Award for the best tagline goes to Skype for "take a deep breath." Why? Because it's the only tagline I've seen that ISN'T about the company at all, but about ME. It's something that's good for me. Has nada to do with chatting or videofoning or the internet. It's about: hey, we're people too. Let's all take a deep breath. Wait. Don't jump into the next thing. Stop clicking. Wshew. Ok. There. Good.

Can you imagine Google: "Go hug someone."

or Yahoo: "Get some sleep."

or TinyURL: "Plant a tree."

Would it be so bad?

Thanks, skype.