November 28, 2007

Building My Interstructure

Gmail was down for me for an hour this morning. My first thought: Here I go again. When I get into mail, will my email be there or gone-zo? How do other people keep up? Not to scobleize on this, but it's tough to keep up using tin-cup-and-string 2.0 web apps to run your business.

On the flip side, it's free. Ish.

Since the article on my and others' email loss via gmail, I've received many helpful emails from folks on how to protect against losing it all again. One of the easiest options I've seen for staying web based came from someone who suggested using another web-based mail service as a backup. So basically, you have your gmail forward a copy of all your messages to your yahoo mail. This doesn't save your sent mail, but it will give you a web-based duplicate of your incoming mail.

Woot! thanks for that suggestion. it appeals to me because it's easy and I already have my yahoo account in place but rarely use it. It occurred to me that building SMB 2.0 requires us to string together our own infrastructure from the tin-can-and-strings applications and tools web 2.0 gives us for free.

So get busy and backyoself up.

Watch me go.