November 28, 2007

I need a masthead for the kindle... work on spec

HEY can anyone make me a masthead for this blog? -- i'm submitting it to be available on the kindle. ahahaha don't laff. I know the kindle's not for scoble, but what the heck, I'd get me a kindle if i ever could get one for 99 dollars not 400 dollars. In the mean time, I would like to see what my blog would be like ON the kindle.

SO this is the specs for what they want as far as a masthead:

Format: EPS or a comparable scalable image format/n/n/t/t-

Size and Orientation: When the image width is scaled (without distortion) to 500px, the height should be no more than 150px. We will not accept mastheads that are taller than they are wide.


If I ever make any money off of this kindle, I'll pay you $50 for the design. If I don't make any money (see: google ad sense), I'll give you my undying gratitude and show off your designs here. Don't get over excited. I don't make techmeme much these days. heh.