November 26, 2007

memory lane

when in the hell did google become a library with archives? (okay some are ppv but still.) Are you bored with what your favorite bloggers are saying today? Travel down memory lane by searching them up in google's news archives. Travel back to the 90s, the 80s, the 50s and beyond. Yowsa!



Source: DAVE O'BRIAN, Mercury News Staff Writer
WHEN Dave Winer comes home late after a hard day at the office, there's no one there to greet him. But he doesn't really mind, he says, because he's hardly ever home. And though he may be by himself, he's not exactly alone. He's one of 3.6 million American males who live by themselves and have never married. More than a blip on a demographic chart, Winer's group has grown 124 percent during the past 15 years, according

Published on August 17, 1986, Page 1L, San Jose Mercury News (CA)


Video conferencing helps families connect - but don't talk to...
$2.95 - Dallas Morning News - NewsBank - May 11, 1999
"Yeah, I had 'the Naked Guy' call me one night," says Robert Scoble, a consultant who sets up Internet business Video conferences and helps runs the ...
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IDEAS & TRENDS; An Avalanche of Information Is Coming to Video...
New York Times - Jul 23, 1989
''These tools will help People manage Information, But they are not going to subsume the tasks that People are doing,'' said Christopher Locke, ...
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Text now on AI frontier: debate over best model for "reading&quot...
Subscription - Software Magazine - HighBeam Research - Nov 1, 1989
Christopher Locke, a vice president At Pittsburgh-based Intelligent technology, argues that even with those advances, AI technology is not capable of ...
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Mecklermedia announces Internet appointment
Pay-Per-View - PR Newswire - ProQuest Archiver - Jan 10, 1994
Alan Meckler, president and CEO of Mecklermedia Corporation, announces that Christopher Locke has joined the company as general manager of its Internet ...
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Of course, I'm not paying per view, and I doubt that PPV will be around forever; after all we stole cable, so let's not underestimate the drive of human beings for free content.

Either way, it's interesting surfing. The archives have probably been there forever and I just noticed them. I have a habit of that kind of thing. ;-)

Anyway, search up your family. You might find some good case law, like me!