May 29, 2008

I like that friendfeed's a backchannel

On the other hand, I'm sorry to disappoint all of those calling for friendfeed comments to be pulled into the larger web, but I happen to enjoy the back channel short bursts of comments on the feeds in friendfeed. It is the perfect medium for wit and snark. Lord knows we need some more of that around here before this entire talkosphere turns into snoresville.

So leave friendfeed alone.

I say it's not such a big deal if people have to get off their asses and walk over there when twitter is down. Satisfying an addiction can take a little work. If you want to complain about the extra effort, go chop some wood or water the horses or something.

Friendfeed's like a viewing booth at a porn shop, except with comments. Okay, not exactly. But kind of. You have your rooms if you're into that. Otherwise you can watch all the goings on, and if you're moved to respond, well, the platform is all yours.

oh they're gonna love me over there now.