May 30, 2008

Powned! Getting Nasty about Nasty Business

I don't know the whys and wherefores of law enough to know if the scam mike describes on TC tonight is legally a scam or not. I know I've fallen for a couple, and I'm not the only one. Sure we are online regulars and should know not to click the BIG YES and instead click the teeny-tiny 'no thanks,' but every now and then, there's a disconnect and we enter into the quagmire of clicks, getting powned.

I personally paid for that scamified ringtone/download service for TWO YEARS without knowing. What does that say about me? I'm a financial goofball. Still, have you seen where they bury that on your phone bill? We have a bundled ATT bill that's like 26 pages. One little line item slips in and it can take a long time to catch it. I figured the bill went up by $14 because the bill ALWAYS seems to go up. We ended up getting some of the money back, but not all of it.

Considering Intelius the company Mike has investigated is getting ready to go public, I hope the fact that he's got a big mouth comes in right handy and gives the powers that be some pause.

Nassty business.

UPDATE: - Jain's Son has his say on TC.