July 18, 2008

good reading list from RWW

Marshall has a good starter list of women bloggers in honor of blogher. There are some good blogs there, although some are the usual suspects. Comments didn't seem to be working, but if they start to, leave your own faves there.

Sure glad RWW isn't following in the steps of The Industry Standard.


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fpaynter said...

Marshall's blog is broken. Well, it wouldn't let me leave a comment. Maybe I'm on a list. Anyway, here is what I tried to leave there. I reformatted it in hopes that I was merely being screened for too many links. Didn't work. But I always enjoy this exercise, no matter how many times we do it. Maybe someday we can do lists of bloggers who suck. Wait. That may already have been done. Anyway, here's what I tried to contribute at ReadWriteWeb...
* * *
http://allied.blogspot.com/ Jeneane Sessum (who showed me the way here),

Ronni Bennett,

Jessamyn West,

Betsy Devine,

Denise Howell,

Shelley Powers,

Leslie Winer,

Tamar Jacobson,

and http://theeverydaycafe.com/
Anne Zelenka.

There are nine names off the top of my head... people about whom I can't say enough. I'm sure there are another dozen I should highlight, and there are several women already listed who would be on my list if they hadn't been acknowledged already. Comparing the sheer numbers of people I respect and enjoy with the mere half a dozen or so who chafe my scrote, well... I'm coming out ahead.