August 05, 2008

My 100 Reasons to Quit Smoking (which I did 4 yrs ago!)

(This post if from before I quit - which was 4 years ago! I just came across it and realized how significantly unraveling my smoking addiction changed who I am. And I'm not done yet.)

1) The smell on me, clothes, car, stuff
2) Costs too much money
3) Takes time away from my daughter
4) Takes time away from my husband
5) I get sick too much
6) How can I tell my kid not to when it's time if I do
7) Painful lungs
8) Cough
9) I'm asthmatic, and even if you aren't, you probably will be
10) Lung cancer
11) Throat, mouth, and related cancers
12) Heart disease
13) It's digusting
14) No place to smoke at work
15) Smoking outside in the winter and the rain
16) Not being able to watch a whole movie without at least thinking about one
17) Not being able to go to the mall without stepping out for one
18) Yellowing of skin, fingernails
19) That little frown and wrinkles that come lots sooner on a smoker
20) Want to see my daughter grow up
21) Don't want to die on her
22) Want to grow old with my husband
23) Don't want surgery
24) In the humidity of summer, the smoke sticks to you
25) Hands won't get so dry if I'm not washing the smell off them all the time
26) Sinus infections and ear infections
27) Knowing that teachers, co-workers and boss can smell your habit.
28) It sucks being an addict
29) To learn to be able to say, No.
30) The Creator didn't put me here to kill myself
31) Sore throats
32) To be able to focus on just one thing--to live in the moment
33) To not always be "escaping"
34) More restful sleep
35) Less angst during air travel
36) No more having to ask at restaurants and then getting the worst table
37) No more lying to doctors
38) No more doctors
39) My daughter's school tuition
40) Vacations - money to go on them
41) Vacations - not always picking a 1st floor room so I can step out the door to smoke
42) Vacations - the long car ride to our destination, during which I can't smoke and therefore bitch a lot
43) Having to remember to get enough cigs to last the weekend.
44) Having to remember to take them with me everywhere I go
45) Tobacco all over the bottom of my purse
46) Freaking out when I don't have matches
47) Having to buy the fifth lighter in a month because I lost the other four
48) Smoking a hard-to-find brand like American Spirits means driving 5-10 miles for a pack
49) If Dave Winer can do it, I can
50) Don't want my daughter to have to push me around in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank
51) Bumming from others is embarassing
52) Self-esteem: get some
53) Fewer breaks from writing = more writing done sooner
54) To smell the wind outside my door instead of the smoke
55) My husband telling me not to drop the butts in the driveway
56) Dropping the butts in the driveway anyhow
57) My daughter staring at me when she catches me
58) Dread of the day she asks me, "What is that and what are you doing?"
59) Feeling like she's already figured it out and I'm a liar
60) Feeling like a criminal
61) Knowing I would resort to stealing them if I had to
62) Walking upstairs without breathing hard
63) More energy to work out, to care, to get inside the day
64) Wheezing
65) Prescription and non-prescription sinus medicine: costs and side effects
66) Wouldn't have to wash my coat so often - less money on water and laundry detergent in general
67) No worries about the cordless phone running out of batteries and having to cut calls short, because coming inside means no smoking
68) More money for phone bills to talk longer on regular phone
69) Blue Book value and resale potential of both cars would be better
70) To be able to complain about smokers, or at least feel sorry for them
71) Because I know it's wrong
72) Because I hate that it controls me
73) The lady I buy my cigarettes from has no front teeth
74) I hate giving money to tobacco company
75) RJ Reynolds just bought American Spirit--I'm giving my money to people I hate.
76) I'm giving my money to liars
77) Soon employers won't keep/hire you if you smoke
78) Some doctors won't even see you if you smoke
79) There are lots of new aides to help you quit
80) I've always felt better as a non smoker
81) I can get a good buzz off of coffee
82) I've quit before; I know I'm capable
83) I've stayed quit for years and know I'm capable
84) Losers won't take 20 cents off me every time I comply with their request to bum a smoke
85) Living
86) Dying
87) Being able to sit still for an hour
88) Not thinking of the next one before I finish the first
89) Not having to stash some away so I know I'll have them "just in case"
90) To be able to say, "I quit" and mean it
91) To be able to see a pack, or someone smoking, and not care
92) Those terrifying "oops! I smoked!" dreams don't last forever
93) To be able to tell others how I did it and maybe they'll decide to quit too
94) To be able to tell my husband how I did it and maybe he'll decide to quit too
95) To be able to reward myself with the new shoes I want
96) So that I can tell my daughter, in all honesty, it wasn't worth it
97) Because it's not my life to take
98) No more breath mints
99) Flicking my non-filter out the window and wondering if I'm going to blow up my gas tank
100) Because "It's Time."