November 05, 2008

Yes, We Did.

I can't stop smiling.

I just can't.

Can you?

To those who said to me in the early years of my marriage that they didn't believe in mixed marriages because, after all, "What will become of the children?" I say to them today, "They can become your President."

Happy Day, America.

The fear mongers are out of power.


Let's get ready to get to work.

It's for them.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, I'm happy for the world today. I'm happy for my stepsons who are half black and can now see a better future. Let the sunshine in:)

Tom Matrullo said...

I'm happy and glad to see Jenna's happy.

Anonymous said...

Jeneane, I'm so happy for you and especially for Jenna.

I was originally a Hillary supporter -- I went to college with her -- and was disappointed that she lost, but Sarah Palin so offended me as to clinch my vote for Obama. (82 percent of my voting place followed suit.) And I do think this a better outcome for the future of the world.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Still keepin' on...

Anonymous said...

Gee, but Jenna's a girl. So we aren't entirely sure if she can grow up to be president yet. Never been done.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy. I knew it was gonna be a landslide. I am sad that Hillary lost her shot at it. I don't see the next woman on the horizon for 2016. (But I hope Palin runs in 2012! We will kick her butt, you betcha!)