January 09, 2009

Not Atlanta - WNY Vacation Christmas 09

Let It Snow.


GGirton said...

I totally don't understand why you live in Atlanta. That looks so beautiful~!

Houston said...

I lived in MN before I moved to Galveston Island, TX. I miss the snow, the ice rinks... but my wife does not... The strange thing is now that we live on the beach we vacation to the snow, who would have thought..

bmo said...

Today, in the north, it's extremely cold, cloudy, windy, and damp. You're just not supposed to have all four in combination like that. Just not. It's not fair. And there is no escape. No log to throw on the fire. Cuddling up with someone is awful 'cause their skin is all dried out. The pets have gone squirrely and the squirrels are eating the wood fence posts and destryoing the deck even though we appease them with peanuts. All the little things on the car begin to crack and break - the wiper motor, the door locks. Booze only thins the blood and makes you feel weaker. The hum and rattle of the furnace that never shuts off becomes more annoying than the TV news guy or those happy people with skis and gortex underwear who are all thrilled and chipper. Nature's inhumanity to man. And there's no consolation in philosophy. What have we done to deserve this?