August 04, 2010

ze frank is always worth it.

I come back here because Ze Frank is always worth coming back for.

He has created yet another cool thing among the many cool things he has created (cool things at a loss these days among the blogs), young me now me reuniting people's past and present selves within a given instant.

My favorite.

And some of Ze's favs.

As I just visited home, flashes of scenes from my childhood are just settling down. And school starts tomorrow for our middle-schooler. So many reminders of time's fleeting ways.


mike said...

Decided to go old school here and leave a comment as opposed to responding to your facebook entry on this topic.

I like it. I've recently found a bunch of old photos of me, so have something to contribute.


I'm not wild about the license terms. I could be wrong, but they seem to grant absolute control of the image to the site. I guess I'm used to a license that allows the image to be used for purposes of displaying on the site, but for example Flickr can't sublicense my images; they're mine.

So not sure about that, but otherwise, I love it, having already gone through over a dozen random shots!

mike from

Jeneane Sessum said...

DAMN! A COMMENT! ON A BLOG POST! I wonder if I could get used to this!

You know Mike I didn't look at the licensing terms. That's something to maybe drop Ze an email about. I am but a lowly writer and admit absolute ignorance of the law. I actually have two tail lights out and am currently avoiding the brake pedal when I glimpse a cop. So I'm not the one to object.

It would make sense that random somebodies shouldn't be able to just grab an image of somebody with their grandpa off the site - maybe it's offering protection to the contributors that way?

MORE IMPORTANTLY how the hell are you?

Jeneane Sessum said...

HEY also, doesn't that mean Mashable broke the terms here?


mike said...
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